Learning on the model as a tool against despair
Trust is good, control is better!
This motto also applies to project management. Especially for large projects in a politically difficult corporate environment or for young inexperienced project managers, external project support can be of great value.  

Mentoring and externally guided reflection

When Rainer Volk and his team do project coaching, they focus on partnership and monitoring project management. The coaches see themselves as partners at „eye level" with the project leader, as critical analysts of the project situation, and in the case of an escalation, as strong communication and situation-sensitive mediators.  

Coaching proposals and services
  • Assistance and training in project management process models (IPMA and PMI)
  • Structured analysis of individual fields of coaching
  • Moderated workshops and individual coaching
  • Reflection and analysis of previous case studies within the client’s project management experience
  • Structured reviews of partial results and/or of obtained achievements, as well as a joint analysis
"Tell me how your project starts, and I will tell you how it ends."
Learning on the model as a tool against despair