„Good planning is half the battle won.“
Utilizing critical success factors
According to a world-renowned study by the Standish Group, only an approximate 20% of all projects are successfully completed. Lack of or unprofessional project management, absence of risk management as well as a lack of requirements in management and unresolved stakeholder conflicts are the main reasons for this high failure rate. Therefore, professional and methodical project management - from project definition and planning right through to implementation and completion – are the major critical factors for success.  

Managing projects means guiding employees
Project management is a managerial task. It requires management skills as well as expert knowledge of the project and a high degree of social and communication skills, coupled with years of experience. Not all companies always have a project manager at hand, who at the start of a project is equipped with the above-mentioned qualities. It is not always guaranteed that an internal staff member, despite adequate project management know-how can unreservedly tackle new challenges, or be accepted by all parties concerned.  

Reasons for an objective external view
In such cases, Rainer Volk and his team support and provide customers with external project management services. This external view allows unconditional and value-free business orientated management. In this way, egotism and the possible obstruction and hindrance of the project’s innovative potential can successfully be controlled right from the start.
"The basis for success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration." (Thomas Alva Edison)
„Good planning is half the battle won.“