Expertise for the setup of a PMO (Project Management Office)

Paul van Zoggel, Manager PMO, Technical Services EMEA, Commvault

“Recommended by another professional I invited Rainer for an introduction meeting and to see how he might be able to help me to further define and shape the new project management office for our EMEA Technical Services organization.

It was during that same meeting that, with his professional attitude and a thorough preparation, that the foundation was made for a successful project and that I decided to hire him. In his role as a consultant and a coach he brought in the needed expertise and together, within a year, we build out the PMO, defined a strategy, proposed and developed a new delivery method, defined and implemented KPI’s and created a real professional project management community.

What I noticed was that it seemed so easy for him to walk into a new environment, analyse the situation and maximise his performance and make a lasting impact on the project and the stakeholders. I would like to thank Rainer for all his hard work and the accomplished results and I am very glad that we still make use of his services on our other major projects."
Expertise for the setup of a PMO (Project Management Office)
Professional, competent and congenial
Prof. Wolfgang Mathera, CEO and Owner of Mathera Consulting

“Rainers professional performance is best described with his extraordinary analytical competency – he is able to capture the important things and is able to describe them very short and precisely. This is making him very unique !
In addition to that he is always a good friend and business partner, which I always can trust completely. He is always loyal and supportive, always in a professional and social friendly manner for his customers, partners, colleagues and team members during our cooperation, which lasts since many years.
With his enormous professional knowledge and context focus we were always able to solve all problems and difficult situations for our clients in our joint projects. I personally highly regard his precise analysis – without emotions, always professional, precise and accurate – this is Rainer Volk."
Expertise for the setup of a PMO (Project Management Office)
Experienced Expert
Oliver Sohlenkamp, Head of Product Management, GIP GmbH

“GIP is a leading vendor for Human Resource Management Systems for customers of the public sector in Germany, offering the product KIDICAP. GIP has introduced Scrum for the whole software development. To enhance the agile methods, especially for planning and multi team management, I participated the project management training “Estimating and Planning Agile Requirements” from ESI International, which was conducted by Rainer Volk.
Mr. Volk was very knowledgeable and competent about the topic. He was able to explain the agile theory and methods as well as the right mixture between agile and the classical project management based on the PMI standard. Rainer Volk showed many examples from his own project experience and left also enough time for discussions. Based on these positive impressions I asked him to conduct a workshop for GIP.
This workshop took place early 2014, the GIP participants were the upper Management, selected product owner, software architects and Scrum Master. The preparation and post workshop support was praiseworthy. The workshop itself was very intensive and was positively judged by the audience. The resulting action items are work in progress, especially the methods for cross team planning, the controlling and the stage gate model are getting optimized.
Rainer Volk is a professionally, competent and congenial and has the capability to understand requirements, convey knowledge and is able to design solution. I am looking forward to the next projects with him."
Expertise for the setup of a PMO (Project Management Office)