Four eyes see more than two
Implementing standards for increasing efficiency
Rainer Volk and his team will support you in raising awareness of the benefits of professional project management. The aim is to increase efficiency through the use of standardized methods and procedures.

We offer the following benefits:
  • Assessment of the existent project and its processing
  • Identification of potential weaknesses
  • Creation of a customized and application-oriented project
  • management methodology for your company or an upcoming project
  • Establishing project management tools and templates for daily project tasks
  • Monotoring the introduction of project management processes and tools
  • Review of performance and methods for further develoments
Through orientation of recognized standards, the sustainability of individual solutions is guaranteed.  

Not to see the wood for the trees

Confined to daily business, one so often becomes stuck in existing methods and processes. A clear vision on problems and issues is almost impossible. In such cases, a holistic and objective view from outside can be of great help. Often, it is indispensable towards developing appropriate solution strategies. Due to their extensive experience, Rainer Volk and his team can offer these additional perspectives.
“A problem is the time span between two good ideas."
Four eyes see more than two