“It’s impossible to push a car from the inside.” (Jobst Fiedler)


“Progress is only possible if you break the rules intelligently.” (Boleslaw Barlog)
In sport, the trainer of a team or an individual athlete strives to support them from the sidelines, so to speak, in order to maximise their full potential. Although this is not usually performed in the same manner by a corporate coach, the principle is similar.

Adding rules and removing them in a controlled way
The Ri stage of the Shu Ha Ri principle stands for “mastery”. The mentee already has basic solution-finding skills; so, the coach steps back, stays in the background and focuses on “helping people to help themselves". The strengths of the mentee are further developed, and the weaknesses are compensated by the strengths of the other team members or colleagues.
Ideally, coaching complements the previous steps of training and consulting. With this approach, the coach can assess the mentee′s current level of experience and build upon it.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Extensive experience as a systemic coach based on proven coaching methods
  • Vast experience through many years of international project management work
  • Holistic view (company and project environment, personal background…)
  • The perfect combination of training and consulting