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“To break the rules, you must first master them.” (Audemars Piguet)

Our Services

Are you familiar with “Shu Ha Ri” and the application of this Asian philosophy?
Every successful athlete goes through the three stages of the Shu Ha Ri principle: Shu for learning the skills and rules, Ha for the flexible and situational variation of the learned techniques in everyday life and Ri to expand new additions and even outperform learnings.

Both competitive sports and project management require specialised knowledge, leadership qualities as well as social and communication skills. Once the necessary skills have been learned, they can be applied again and improved continuously.

According to Shu Ha Ri, we have structured our services as follows:

Training/Shu (“Learn“)

In our training sessions you will learn all the important standards, terminology and skills related to project management, requirements analysis and process management.

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Consulting/Ha (“Skill”)

Based on the skills learned in the training, we support you in applying what you’ve learned in your concrete project situation - ideally already at the beginning of the project. As consultants, we create concrete concepts with our clients and actively solve problems during implementation.

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Coaching/Ri (“Master”)

Every professional needs to reflect with other experts in order to realise their full potential. We achieve this goal by means of systematic questioning techniques. The trainee already has sufficient problem-solving competence, so the coach retreats to the background for indirect support or guidance.

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Project Support (“delegate”)

If you don’t have the sufficient capacity or know-how in your own company, we’ll gladly take over project tasks for you, e.g. as external project manager, business analyst, product owner or scrum master.

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