Professional approach with the “pinch of salt”

Jörg Hecker, Senior Delivery Manager, Sogeti Germany GmbH

"Rainer was a driving force in transforming a large organization to shift focus from a local supplier landscape to a global service provider. He helped both the customer and system integrator in understanding the required framework and shaping the services. His deep understanding of the business domain, the technical approach and the management processes was the binding glue, which made the engagement a success and beneficial for all parties.

On a personal note I enjoyed working with Rainer very much as he combines a professional approach with the “pinch of salt” required to help a global team to overcome cultural barriers and move out of their comfort zone. I enjoyed working with him and appreciated the combination of professional approach, knowledge and personal interest in a challenging project and environment."
Professional approach with the “pinch of salt”
One eye for the essentials and one eye for the future
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Huber, Outsourcing Project Manager, A1 Telekom Austria AG

"For more than 18 months I had the chance to obtain the professional assistance for project management services, provided by Rainer Volk,for a large outsourcing project with about 150 team members. Especially valuable were the following characteristics of Rainer:

He always had the focus and an eye on the essential topics, the underlying project charter and the defined deliverables. He continuously communicated the project objectives to the team, which eliminated possible deviations and distractions and which led directly to the most efficient and mostcost effective way to fulfil the overall project goals.

He also was always eager to estimate the foreseeable risks, anticipate obstacles and challenges and doing so he was able to prepare the team for possible critical situations. This helped to reduce the pressure, especially in critical project phases. As a customer I appreciate to have him on board, because he provides calm and stability for the whole team."
Professional approach with the “pinch of salt”
Compassionate and fair
Tanmay Nahar, Business Development Manager Europe, Wipro Technologies

"As an extremely talented individual, Rainer is also a person with a gem of a heart. I got to know him at close quarters during our India trip and was surprised by the range of his knowledge base. In addition to being very pragmatic and diligent in his approach, Rainer is also very compassionate and fair in all his judgements and dealings, which makes him very easy going and a pleasure to work with. With loads of experience on his back across a wide range of responsibility areas, he can easily provide valuable guidance and advice to anyone and for any topic, as if it is his specialisation area. I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to work with Rainer as a part of our Sunrise programme and I sincerely hope that this association continues endlessly in the future. Being the right combination of attitude and aptitude, I consider Rainer the perfect consultant!!"
Professional approach with the “pinch of salt”